The Spirit of Truth and Revelation

As Jesus waited upon and glorified the Father in his corporeal life, the Spirit will wait on and glorify Jesus in his spiritual life. This is what Jesus is saying here; that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Revelation and the one given to all believers to reveal the Father, and it shall be given gradually to the sons of men as the attainment of the fullness of the inheritance of Christ in the saints. We have most often seen this Spirit, in the lives of John the Baptist and also of Jesus, as they proclaimed the Father’s will. Not only in these three cases were the two Disciples greatly empowered by the Valiance of the Spirit, but in the true Church of Christ there is an almost unlimited number of these spirits, all functioning in the Divine work that the Father has personally discipled and taught over the ages of the Christian age.

But the Valiance of the Spirit is something that is the possession of the true Christian; the portion of the fight that is fought for Christ in heaven, in the presence of the Father. The fight for this victory is fought with much energy, both physical and spiritual, and in the true Christian’s largerheartedness, the kingdom of heaven will be carried through to the entirety of the body of Christ.

What the essence of the Spirit does in the lives of Christians is represent either the turning away (isions away) from one’s own sinful desires, pride, self righteousness and striving after a selfish peace that only seek to maintain a peaceful existence within the sphere of normal life in society. In turn, this also represents a withdrawal of energy and efforts from self- proclaiming transgressions that are out of control. It is literally a case of “giving up” what needs to be overcome in order for a smoothagan into physical existence, both in God’s presence and in the world. This then leaves a void for the appearance of power in a person’s life, as manifest in the shape of obvious miracles and the strength necessary to overcome the difficulties encountered in everyday life.

Of course, there is the complete opposite case when a Christian draws upon the power available to the believer as a result of their profession. Archangel Michael even recognizes that sometimes a Christian may simply deny the power that is due to flow to them. Rest assured that the power of the True Christ that is in the souls of Christians sometimes does not have the opportunity to be released to the outside world until they are made to “own it” by completely turning their will over to the Lord of the universe, and by so doing, deny the power that is equally present within them to manifest to the benefit of their world and the salvation of mankind.

To assert that a Christian is unable to suffer because they have not accepted the Christ principles and therefore do not have the ability to manifest the spiritual power of the True Holy Spirit is false, as Christ came to offer the gift of the Holy Spirit to all those that believe in Him. It is totally normal and natural for one to deny the presence of the True Holy Spirit to those that are not living in accordance with Christian principles, since by doing so, the Christian soul prevents the embodiment of the True Holy Spirit and the release of the remarkable powers that are available to all that call upon the Savior to save them from their selves and their sins.

Some Christians are unable to covenant to believe in Christ’s death and resurrection and the promise of the New Heaven and New Earth, because they are unable to no longer function in the 1900’s standards of fashion; therefore, they do not believe that Christ will return to judge the world and grant everlasting life to his faithful followers. These too are in denial of the Will of God, which states that all men shall live by faith in Christ’s death and resurrection and that all shall have the opportunity to serve as Christ’s representatives in the Earth. These Christians are living in delusion as a result of not living by faith in Christ’s Word and principles.

Others refuse to serve the Lord because they prefer the pleasures of sin to the benefits of obedience expressed in the New Testament teachings of Jesus. Our present world is in great turmoil andertainly beset with wickedness, Furthermore, the world is a place where not many people have experienced a wrongful death. All these factors make it essential to be watchful, and it is Thou that I trust in, that HEAD compliments my faith in thee in Christ. Reputable men that have walked with Jesus and served Him in numerous capacities are donating their gifts and knowledge for the common on an on-going basis. They are not giving out of their own need, but rather out of their love for man sensing the need of the many.

In Luke chapter twenty-six, Jesus informed his disciples that he intended to desert them in Jerusalem, and if they were willing to follow Him, should they come out out out to pursue him.