Aging Happens to Everyone

aging-happensAging is dreaded but expected for every living being. The effects of aging are often detrimental to a person’s health. More than two thirds of deaths occur due to aging or effects of aging. Bones are no longer as strong. Osteoporosis, cardiovascular failure, dementia, and other diseases frequent those aging, often causing death. Hundreds of millions of people are living with chronic pain due to the effects of aging. Organs no longer function as before. The mind isn’t as sharp. However, many are fighting to make aging a longer process with fewer deadly effects. Aging isn’t completely avoidable. However, successful research in the past has already led to lifestyle changes in many individuals who are now living longer and more pain-free than ever.

Scientific evidence has led doctors and professionals to share many tips on fighting aging naturally. Obvious activities include maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, finding and fighting the root causes of aging may be the key to living much longer and painlessly. Currently, there are no medical treatments that have benefitted aging as much as low caloric intake and regular exercise. It is a fact that even the healthiest individuals who have a healthy diet and stay active still succumb to aging often before the age of 90. While a healthy diet and exercise are helpful to fight aging, more has to be done from the scientific community and philanthropists to defeat the root causes. Research is occurring through many organizations, some more successful than others.
Researchers are finding that the main causes from aging come from unrepaired cellular tissue damage. Recent stem cell and tissue research may help longevity science. The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) is supported by Jason Hope and other philanthropists. In 2010, Jason Hope pledged a $500,000 donation to SENS, which has been working diligently to determine the causes of small tissue repair caused by aging in an effort to restore them. SENS is a relatively newer program that is researching numerous causes, effects, and treatments of age-related illnesses. SENS operates mainly in the United States and Europe. Scientists have received funding to nearly prove several theorems related to aging.

The scientific community is working around the clock to fight aging. However, much of the research has to be funded through donations. Fortunately, philanthropists are stepping forward to continue the fight. Medicines require trials and extensive research. New procedures must be funded through these donations as well. The battle against aging is extensive. Hopefully, advances in medicine will produce results in the field to allow humans to live longer and healthier. Medical technology is the most important way to speed up the process of finding a cure to reduce the number of age related deaths. Donations to those scientists make it possible to conduct the research necessary. Everyone ages. However, people have the right to fight. People have the right to live pain free and healthy for much longer.